Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Painting 1 "dream place"


In a paragraph, explain why you would like to visit this place. Where is this place? What is the temperature like? What is the geographic composition of the place ( is it made up of beaches, desert, city, or forest)? Why do you want to go there? For the people, weather, food, or another reason? What for of abstraction did you use and why? Did you enjoy abstracting your work or did you struggle with the idea of painting unrealistically?

Please comment on another student’s work. Use multiple sentences. Why would you want to go here? Does this work make you want to go there more? How? Explain how their technique of abstraction was similar or different than yours.

Art 1 Fairy Tale

Art 1

In two short paragraphs explain your fairy tale recreation. In the first, explain how you have changed your character physically and how you have changed the setting of the scene through time or location. In the second paragraph, critique your time with the acrylic paint. What were some challenges that you faced? Did you enjoy painting? What other media would you have rather used instead?

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Graphic Design 2


Students will write a minimum of three paragraphs. these paragraphs will explain thier successes, challenges, and the tools that they used. These paragraphs should also explain how their quotes went from text to visual text and the difficulties of that.

The students will make comments on other students’ work. These comments should be meaningful. By reflecting on the quality of the work, the successes and challenges in their peer’s paragraph, and their own thoughts on the difficulties of typography, the commenter should be able to reflect accordingly.