Monday, December 10, 2012

Photography One Expressive Self Portrait

Please write one paragraph on each self portrait describing how these photos show your personality, tell the viewer about you, how the treatment of the photo reflects the feeling of the project.  Then please make 2 comments on your classmates photos thinking about the feeling you get from their photo, and what they did to the photo to make you feel this way about their project.  

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Art One

WRITTEN EXPRESSION/ARTISTS INTERPRETATION:  A written paragraph  expresses the artists interpretation of the project.  Art elements, especially the element of color, are clarified along with the emotional expression.
________  10 pts.  Superior written description gives understanding of art elements and                                                             expression used by the artist.
________   8 pts.  Written description gives an understanding of art elements and expression                                           into the reasoning and emotion of the artist. 
________   6 pts.  Written description gives some understanding of the process and elements                                        used, but little insight to understand the reasoning & emotions of the  artist.
________   3 pts.  Written description gives very little insight into the understanding of the  project.
________  1 pts.  Written description gives no interpretation or understanding of the project

Color Awareness 

Pink _______1.  Gentles, acquiesces, and communicates; promotes affability, affection
Yellow _____2.  Cheers and commands; stimulates appetites, conversation, and charity
White ______3.  Relaxes, refreshes, and cools; produces  tranquility and peace
Black _______4.  Expands, warms, cheers, and communicates; increases energy
Brown______5.  Empowers, stimulates, dramatizes, competes; symbolizes passion
Orange______6.  Rests, balances, normalizes, refreshes; encourages emotional growth
Red _________7.  Lights, expands, purifies, energizes, cleans, unifies; enlivens other colors
Green _______8.  Stabilizes, secures, and supports; symbolizes the down-to-earth/ can also represent jealousy.
Purple _______9.  Forces, disciplines, authorizes, strengthens, encourages independence
Blue ________10.  Comforts, assures, spiritualizes, creates, mystery, draws out intuition