Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Art One

WRITTEN EXPRESSION/ARTISTS INTERPRETATION:  A written paragraph  expresses the artists interpretation of the project.  Art elements, especially the element of color, are clarified along with the emotional expression.
________  10 pts.  Superior written description gives understanding of art elements and                                                             expression used by the artist.
________   8 pts.  Written description gives an understanding of art elements and expression                                           into the reasoning and emotion of the artist. 
________   6 pts.  Written description gives some understanding of the process and elements                                        used, but little insight to understand the reasoning & emotions of the  artist.
________   3 pts.  Written description gives very little insight into the understanding of the  project.
________  1 pts.  Written description gives no interpretation or understanding of the project

Color Awareness 

Pink _______1.  Gentles, acquiesces, and communicates; promotes affability, affection
Yellow _____2.  Cheers and commands; stimulates appetites, conversation, and charity
White ______3.  Relaxes, refreshes, and cools; produces  tranquility and peace
Black _______4.  Expands, warms, cheers, and communicates; increases energy
Brown______5.  Empowers, stimulates, dramatizes, competes; symbolizes passion
Orange______6.  Rests, balances, normalizes, refreshes; encourages emotional growth
Red _________7.  Lights, expands, purifies, energizes, cleans, unifies; enlivens other colors
Green _______8.  Stabilizes, secures, and supports; symbolizes the down-to-earth/ can also represent jealousy.
Purple _______9.  Forces, disciplines, authorizes, strengthens, encourages independence
Blue ________10.  Comforts, assures, spiritualizes, creates, mystery, draws out intuition

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