Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Independent Study

Independent study students will read and answer the following questions about their proposed projects.  (25pts)
Please explain your projects in a well written paragraph, use proper spelling, grammar and punctuation.  Answer all five questions about your project and then ask to meaningful questions of your classmates relating to your art or the art process, and then ask two of your own.

1.  What type of project will you be doing; medium, size, subject matter.
2.  Please explain how this project represents you as an artist and what meaning it holds for you.
3.  Where did you find your reference or generate your concept for this project.  Does it relate to someone else's work?  How does yours differ from theirs or the example?
4.  If you had to choose one movement in art history that your art work would best fit in to, what movement would it be and why?
5.  How will this project challenge you as and artist?  Why did you choose the medium you did?  Who is your artwork for, you or the audience, explain your answer?

1 comment:

  1. 1.Medium size project on a canvas.
    2.This project represents me by helping me go deeper in my art skills by using a different style. I used a little water with my paint to make the colors look more combined. It’s a style I have not tried before so it helped my art skills.
    3.I saw a style like this elephant online and it inspired me to do something similar. Mine differs because I used more colors and details to make it pop and stand out.
    4.Fauvism is what movement my project is because it has many colors and emotional force.
    5.This art project challenged me, because it was a different movement of art then I am use to and it made me feel more comfortable and confident in my artwork by doing a harder piece. I chose this style because I like the movement and colors throughout the artwork. I made my artwork for a friend but I am very proud of how it turned out, so I made for myself and an audience.