Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Photography Two

Please answer the following questions using complete sentences, proper grammar and punctuation.  Sign in as anonymous and type your full name at the bottom of your entry.  Please sign your name when commenting on others posts as well to receive points.

1.  Explain the concept of your project, and why it would be a valid use of class time.
2.  Detail the procedure you will take in creating this project.
3.  What is the goal of this project?
4.  Why is your project worth the one hundred points?
5.  What does your project say; about you, art, society?
6.  Doing a little research, are there examples of this type of photography/art like yours?  Please list one and the source you used.
7.  Please comment on how you will achieved balance, composition, lighting, contrast and use of creativity in your     photos.
8.  Please comment constructively on a classmates work, what you like and why, keeping in mind concepts such as; composition, lighting and creativity.

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