Thursday, October 1, 2015

Art One Self Portrait Hero/Villian

  Write a few sentences describing the process and your triumphs and troubles with the black and white portion of your drawing.  (4pts)

  Write a few sentences describing the color portion of your portrait.  Talk about how you liked/disliked using color pencil.   Be sure to include why you chose who you did, and what it has to do with your personality.  (4 pts)

  Add a positive comment to one of your classmates statements.  Your comment should be more than you like their drawing.  (2pts)


  1. The process I went through when illustrating my Hero/Self portrait was finding the measurements to sketch my drawing, sketching it all out, and then the coloring and shading process of the whole thing. My triumphs of the black and white part was getting all the measurements right and this led to the sketch of it looking really good. The troubles of it were the hair and shading of the face was really tough to get correct. The color portion was the same for the measurements and the sketched out part. I really liked using the color pencil opposed to the pencil because I found it easier to make consistent color. It made that part so much easier. I chose Superman as my hero because he seems to be a lot like me. He in the movies seems to be a really calm and laid back until he has to fight crime. This is very similar to my personality and I thought the drawing would show that no matter how different we look, we carry similar personalities.

  2. For my hero/role model I chose Drew Brees. I chose him for a variety of reason. One of the biggest reasons is because my favorite NFL team is the Saints. I like the Saints because my cousin used to play for them from 2008-2010. This was during the time when they won the Super Bowl in 2009. My cousin was a tight end and often talked with Drew and was involved with him. My cousin has told me many stories of how nice he was and how welcome he made him feel at the Saints. Drew even invited him over for Thanksgiving one year and got to enjoy it with him. I always thought this was really cool because Drew Brees is a pretty big star in the NFL. In a lot of cases you hear about how mean an NFL player or star is outside of the big stage and how much their teammates or coaches don’t like them because they are full of it. This is one of the biggest reasons why I consider him a role model. Despite being famous and a star in the NFL, he still treats everyone with respect and is just as good of a guy off the field as he is on it. I admire this a lot about him and I think it is a good thing for kids and others to look up to. This is why I chose him for my project.
    Blending the colors is very different than just coloring something in. I colored the entire face with just a light coat of skin color. I thought it looked pretty good but then Mr. Mitchell came over and darkened some other spots along with blending the skin with some browns and blacks. This gave the picture a whole new look that seemed much more life like. This is very tricky to see in a picture or photo and is something that was tough for me to recognize also. Many times after you blend something with a different color it doesn’t really look right, but once you finish everything with that color, it looks a lot better and more lifelike. Overall, I would say blending colors is not easy and is something that needs to be practiced constantly. However, it is well worth it because it gives the picture a much more real life and alive look to it.